Episode 3: The Truth About Getting a Mortgage From Big Banks and Why It’s Not Always the Best Choice

Welcome to Mortgage Masters, where top mortgage lenders from across the country spill their secrets to help you make better, more informed mortgage decisions.

In this episode, we spoke with In this episode, we spoke with Morgan Pan the President at Best Solution Mortgage in New York to discuss while big banks such as Chase and Citi are great lenders, they may not always be the most ideal solution for your mortgage needs!

What You’ll Learn

  • The top 5 must-do first-time homebuyers must do when applying for a mortgage for your new dream home.
  • What to do if your loan officer gets the wrong credit score report due to a mix up from the credit bureau.

About Morgan

Morgan is the President at Best Solution Mortgage in New York city with more than 20 years of experience in the mortgage lending industry.

Morgan realized was that most times, people were under stress to obtain a mortgage. He believes that as mortgage professionals, we can help, we can make a difference, we can make the whole journal of the mortgage application process a pleasant memory for our customers.

Today, he works with a team sharing the same principle believes that by working we try to improve ourselves to become a better person, a better person truly believes that we are all related to each other, clients’ happiness is ours.