Episode 2: The Importance of Having a Game Plan For Your Mortgage

Hey homeowners and mortgage lovers

Welcome to Mortgage Masters, where top mortgage lenders from across the country spill their secrets to help you make better, more informed mortgage decisions.

In this episode, we spoke with Brian the VP of sales at Lend Plus to talk about why it is critically important to have a game plan before you apply for your mortgage!

What You’ll Learn

  • ARM vs fixed rate how to decided which one is right for you.
  • How to spot red flags when working with a mortgage broker or loan officer.
  • Why having a game plan is the ultimate secret to getting the best mortgage you can get.

About Brian Hartley

Brian and his Lend Plus team have over 50 years of experience in providing exceptional customer service in the mortgage lending domain. Brian has been in mortgage banking since 2002, with an emphasis on knowledge and customer satisfaction. Brian and his team are one of the leading non-bank residential mortgage companies known for its consistency and speed of approvals which in most cases allows a customer a 21-day loan process from the day escrow is opened. Realtors accept our offers, one because they know when we say “Yes”, it means “Yes”, but two because we meet our escrow closing dates, if not earlier. In this real estate environment where there are limited inventory and multiple offers on the table, you want a lender that makes your offer stand! Let Brian and the Lend Plus team put you at the doorstep of your dream home.

Brian resides in Mission Viejo, California with his wife Lindsay. They have one daughter Lola Sage and one son Luca. Brian enjoys spending time with his family and friends, mountain biking, being outdoors and watching sports.

NMLS# 862744
Email: brian.hartley@lendplus.com